Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Message to my innumerable critics...

Seem to have been a number of people on my blog and via e-mail lately saying things along the lines of "great blog but you should be more open-minded"... I wanted to make the following points:

The blog represents my opinions. Otherwise no-one would read it, it would just be a forum for public comments. My views on here are far from set in stone, but they're thought out, I've done my research. I welcome posting from people who disagree with me.

The arguement "you should be more open minded" won't ever change my opinion on anything. If you want to change my mind, include links to trustworthy data on the subject, think your arguements through and make your point.

That said there are also some super-knowledgeable people whose input to the blog is much appreciated, thanks for dropping by, please keep coming.


Blogger Richard Gibson said...

Go for it, critism is a good thing isn't it?

7:58 pm  
Blogger staghounds said...

Some commenters have been to the state's "thou shalt not judge" indoctrination centres...

"Open minded" means willing to listen and learn, not agreeing with everything.

1:38 am  
Blogger lost clown said...


But seriously, I get the same thing. Because that's going to work. Bah. My views on different things (mostly feminist things) are somehow "closed minded" because I have feminist views. Freaks. Keep it up, I love your stuff.

3:07 am  

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